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West Kingdom Royal Archer

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  • Royal Archer : Sibéal inghean Alaxandair
  • Transitional Deputy Royal Archer : Randal of Camusfearna

The duties of the office of Royal Archer include: 

  • Maintaining and updating the rules of archery related to the West Kingdom 
  • Working with the Earl Marshal to ensure that the West Kingdom has an adequate archery policy in place 
  • Monitoring archery at events (be it wars, or demonstrations) to ensure safety precautions are met 
  • Encouraging target and combat archery throughout the West Kingdom 

Kingdom of the West Archery Guild information, as well as links to other sites of interest, can be found in the Kingdom Royal Archer's Corner (site currently under repair).

In the general practice of Target and Combat Archery it can be helpful to compare our policies with those of other Kingdoms. Atlantian Archery PoliciesDrachenwald Archery Policies; the Meridian Archery Policies are all here; plus a link to the The Society of Archer-Antiquaries.

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SCA Compatible Vendors 

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