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Blue Lake Casino and Hotel (755 Rancheria Road, Blue Lake CA 95525)

755 Rancheria Road
95525 Blue Lake , CA

From the North and the South take US 101 to Arcata, CA and turn East onto the Hwy 299 exit. Drive about 6 miles to the Blue Lake exit. There will be signs posted. Please follow them. You will come to a roundabout and you will turn right towards the Casino on Chartin Road. At the first corner turn left (SCA sign will be here and a little confusing because the street is also named Chartin). Go about two blocks to Rancheria Road (SCA sign here) and turn right. Ahead of you is a chain link gate that will be open and after passing thru it turn right (SCA sign here) onto a narrow lane and go straight towards the Casino and the encampment. You are There!

For the RV parking, before you go thru the chain link fence, turn right into the RV parking area. You will need to register with the hotel and they will give you a key to unlock the power and waste area. PLEASE DO NOT GO THRU THE HOTEL PARKING LOT!

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