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Mists Fall Coronet

Friday September 8th, 2023 to Sunday September 10th, 2023

Unto the populace of the Mists, the West and the Knowne World do Prince Roland and Princess Audrey extend an invitation to witness the selection of the Their Heirs by right of arms. Their Tournament will be held at beautiful Bolado Park in The Barony of Darkwood.

Pre-registration is available and optional

A&S Competitions
#5: Winged: Take a flight of fancy! Some special Roman jewelry comes to mind! How about some prose of Michel and his fight? What ingredients come from winged beasts? Those illumination’s would be a fanciful feat with winged creatures in its designs!
#6: Horned & Tusked: Oh leather workers and customers I’m looking at you! What about inspiration in armor or hats? What creature's horns would turn up in a bottle? What drinking vessels could be made or etched items of stories?

More Information: While this site is flat there are gophers and invariably gopher holes. Electric wheelchairs should be doable. There are showers and flushies on site. RV space is available and should be directly booked with the park.

Terrain Description: This is a fairgrounds site, but the area we use has a lot of gopher holes. Be careful of your ankles
Site Accessibility: Wheelchair Accessible
Electrical Outlets, Close / Handicap Parking, Cell Phone Reception
Amenities on Site: Stone Privies, Portable Privies, Showers, Potable Water, Shopping near by, RV Parking, RV Hookups, Pet Friendly

Event Steward: Baroness Mercy Grym (Aine Winklebleck) — E-mail: — Phone: 831-537-7313

Start Time: 
Siten opens at 12pm Friday and closes at 4pm Sunday
Site Fee: 
Adult Non-Member Registration: $25.00; Adult Member Registration: $20; Youth 17 and younger: Free; Family Cap ($): N/A