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Silver Desert Harvest Feast

Saturday November 5th, 2022
Reno, Nevada

The Harvest is in! Let’s celebrate with a feast! Let’s play table games! Let us enjoy each other’s company!

The Province will provide the main meat dish which will be ably cooked by Abrah. He is planning an English Pork Roast. There will also be a non-meat main dish for those who do not eat pork or meat at all. If you are vegan or have dietary concerns, please contact the Event Steward.

Please bring a side dish as indicated below by your last name. Period food is yummy! Try to make something period or period-like. Contact the Event Steward for ideas if you need them.

A-F — veggies/soups/casseroles/etc. with meat
G-L — veggies/soups/casseroles/etc. with no meat
M-P — bread, appetizers
Q-Z — desserts

If you want to trade with someone who is in a different category, that is between the two of you.

While there is no full kitchen, there is one microwave and outlets for crockpots abound. Note that NO alcohol is permitted.

Dinner should be about 6:30.

Information about bringing side dishes for those who may be new:
Each adult in your party should bring enough to feed a single serving to 6-8 people. Make a card naming the dish and its ingredients for those who have allergies or other concerns. Bring a serving utensil for your dish.

Information about SCA feasts for those who are new:
Plan on bringing your own plates/cups/bowls/utensils. Plan on bringing your own beverages.

Bring table games to play both before and after dinner! Khalid is bringing the Hat Toss that we did not get to play at Championship.

Gold Key (loaner clothing) will be available. Please contact the Event Steward.

Event Steward: Siobhan ni Seaghdha, OP (Dianne Karp) — Email:  — Phone: 775.742.1457

Site Information: 
Start Time: 
Site opens at 4pm and closes at 10pm
Site Fee: 
by donation

From Reno take Hwy 395 north to Exit 78. Turn right and travel about 2 miles. The Fire Dept is on your left.

From Quincy or Susanville: Take 395 south to exit 78. Turn left, go under the highway and travel 2 miles. The Fire Dept is on your left.

DO  NOT Park on the side where the large bay fire engine doors are located. There is plenty of parking on the other side of the building and behind it.